Florida Paranormal Association

Highland Manor

The stairs leading to the second floorPhotos ~ Videos

Night 1

The Highland Manor, located in Apopka, Fl was totally awesome! Me and Ryan Mchughes went to the Manor and met the members of the Florida Ghost Team. A terrific group!! Friday night was a little slow and not to many people showed up. However we did win the raffle for a nice K2 meter with a red light so you can see the reading on the meter's display.

The evening was not going to well for me. I had just unpackaged my deep infra-red digital camera, loaded the batteries, and was attempting to adjust the strap on it so I could wrap it around my wrist. The strap came off and the camera went flying. Naturaly, it broke. We thought taping it might help but then it was getting "hard drive" errors. (It has or had a built in hard drive rather than a sd card) So that was how our evening started out.

Rafters where Mrs. Eldridge hanged herself

Breaking up into groups, we began to explore the manor and some of the outer buildings. The buildings have an interesting story attached to them. The history features a Doctor who went mad with rage after finding out that Mrs. Eldridge, his wife, gave birth to a baby that is not his own. He killed the slaves and the child, and he locked his wife in one of the rooms. While in that room she hanged herself from the rafters and commited suicide.

We also used another K2 meter, 2 infra-red camcorders, 2 digital cameras, thermometers, and voice recorders. We got plenty of pictures of orbs mostly inside the manor itself. Another group claimed to have seen a table lift about an inch off the floor. The group was there, however, we have no other evidence or documentation to back-up this story.

Night 2

Sue standing with Angela Alderman

Saturday, the second night, we had time to rest up and was ready for some action. This time a few more people showed up. Again, armed with the same equipment we set out yet in another group. We were lucky to start out with Angela Alderman from Ghost Hunters International. We talked for a time with her and the rest of our group and got to know eachother a little better. Tonight you could feel the energy in the air. We heard several unexplained noises in the doctor's office. A couple of knocks and when asked to do it again, it did. However we found nothing on camera or in the voice recorders except us. Our next stop was on the 2nd floor where Mrs. Eldridge had reportedly hung herself from the rafters. This time I went directly to the small table and chair located underneath the rafters. I sat down and placed my k2 meter and camera on the table and almost immediately was getting some good k2 spikes. I got about 4 spikes when I annouced to everyone in the group that something was setting off my meter. I was then blindsided with a flash from one of the cameras. Whatever it was had left.

The sensitive and others trying to communicate with the spirits in the Attic

Our next stop was to be the best one for the night. Up the 3rd floor to the attic. It was notably hot up there tonight for some reason. Everyone found a place to sit and one of the girls in our group, who is sensitive to the presence of spirits, actually started having a conversation with an entity. All of our meters were pegging and she would ask yes and no questions. This was a very unique experience! Through the question and answer session it was determined that we were speaking with the spirit of a young child approximately 5 years of age. This session was still continuing when I left the room almost 2 hours later! But we even played hide and go seek with the small boy and another person located him hiding behind one of the chairs, albeit you couldn't see the child.

We do have most of this on film. Unfortunately, we did not get the hide and go seek on film as we ran out of dvd's. But we do have it on voice recorder. Nothing unusual in the pictures taken, however, you can hear someone attempt a whistle very lightly during the conversation when the sensitive asked him to whistle. But again, nothing in pictures but a few orbs.

We both went back to Mrs. Eldridge's room accompanied by a Florida Ghost team member by the name of Scottie. Again I sat in the same chair and no one else was in the room this time. My k2 spiked once and stopped. But I had the eerie sensation of cold chills running up and down my spine and my scalp litterally crawl into what felt like a tight knot.

Sue and Scottie sitting in the Ballroom

Another experience was in the ballroom. The three of us sat at one of the tables. The place has beautiful chandaliers lining the ceiling and a bar close to us. Scottie asked if anyone was there could they move one of the chandaliers. I was watching this one farthest from us and it was appearing to move ever so slightly. So slight that I wasn't even certain that it was moving. Little did I know that everyone else was also watching the same chandalier. Scottie finally broke the silence asking if it was her imagination or was that chandalier actually moving. With that we all agreed it was moving slightly. The next question was "If that is you moving the chandalier can you make it move more?" A few seconds later the chandalier swung quite widely and then abruptly stopped as if someone had intentionally halted it. We would have continued with the investigation however people started strolling in and it was time to call it a night. We did get more pictures with orbs. Some will be posted and you can make your own determination from them. The interesting one is the double pink one. Is it a reflection? If so, why is it pink? There wasn't anything there that should have reflected by that color.

Conclusion: We feel there is something going on there however we were unable to obtain proof positive and only have our personal experiences to go on. Perhaps at another time we can try again and catch something on film.